Host Live Streams & Monetise via Auctions

On Crater you can stream live content, engage your audience & monetise via hosting auctions.

We focus on budding creators & educators

We focus on building tools for budding & first time creators, not only the established ones. To help them build their audience, create better content & start monetising.

Stream what you love.

Go Live

No need to prepare. Just stream what you love doing, whether its design, trading or even dream 11 picks.

Stream Everywhere

You have the ability to stream across all platforms, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, at the same time.

Analyse Data

Post your stream you get access to detailed analytics & also the ability to email your followers on Crater.

Sell what you create.

List For Sale

Via auctions you can sell 1:1 consultations, courses, access to communities, art & much more.

Receive The Bids

Is the right price Rs. 100 or Rs. 100,000/- let the market decide the right price for what you have to offer

Confirm The Sale

You dont have to do a sales call. Buyers will discover what you are selling, while watching your streams

A Creators Journey on Crater

Get Verified

The first step is a call with our team to walk you through the product, answer questions & to see if we are the right fit.

Start Streaming

Start by setting up your first live stream to interact with your new community & start growing your audience.

Explore Analytics

Post your stream you will be given access to an analytics dashboard with the ability to email your followers, see detailed metrics & improve your content.

Compete & Win

Top creators on Crater get rewarded weekly & monthly. You can compete in the leaderboard & win upto Rs. 50000 monthly

Your Own TV Show

Get the ability to set up your own TV series once you complete 6 hrs of streaming. You will also get access to a dedicated content team.

Launch an Auction

Alongside your TV show, you have the ability to launch an auction. It works like an IPL auction but to monetize content, time & communities.

Want to know our vision?

Watch the video below

Details and FAQ

Do I need to pay to use the platform as a creator?

No, currently the tools we provide are free of cost.

Tell me more about the auctions?

Sure. You pick what to sell, lets say access to a discord community. Then you pick the number of people who can join the community. Post that the auction goes live. People place a bid to join the community, you can accept or deny the bid. If you accept: you get paid & the user gets access to the community.

Is this a crypto or blockchain based auction?


Who can be a creator?

Anyone. But you need to be verified.

Do I need a large following to stream?

No. We focus on working with first time or budding creators. Helping them create content, build an audience & monetise.

Where are you based?

Bangalore, India but serving a global audience.

Are you legit?

Well thats a good question. You can read about us on Yourstory, VC Circle, Economic Times or better yet, talk to us to find out more. We are also backed by LC Nueva & Lumikai.